May 8, 2019 Santa Cruz Women’s March attending Fund Her’s Women Advocacy Day

In May we attended the Fund Her event in Sacramento with great women leaders from Women’s March California and many other organizations across our state. The 2-day event was spent meeting women leaders like progressive movement leader, Kimberly Ellis, founder of She the People, Aimee Allison and Fund Her founder, Valerie McGinty. We also advocated for bills in support of paid family leave, gender equity and protecting survivors of sexual assault and harassment. These bills were specifically created by women and for women.

We were honored to meet Kimberly Ellis (pictured below left), we enjoyed conversing with her as she showed her support for the Fund Her event. The founder of She the People (pictured below right) Aimee Ellis gave a very inspiring speech.

We met with Assembly members and aides. It was a pleasure to get time with Mark Stone representing the 29th Assembly District, which encompasses parts of the northern California Central Coast.